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What Do Veterans Say About Adult Day Health Care

We’ve written before about what a great video the Veterans Administration put together talking about Adult Day Health Care services.  You can watch it here. 

One great part of the video is toward to end, you can view it here. 

Here we hear what veterans have to say about their experience in an Adult Day Health Care center like Baker Wellness.

“It’s a great way to get out of the house.”

Mr. Wilfred Hageman, one of the the veterans in the video says that he and his wife thought it would be better than “sitting around the house and doing nothing.”  This sentiment is one that we get frequently from vets and their families.

One of the great things about Adult Day Health Care centers like Baker Wellness is simply that it’s a different location from home.  It’s a place that allows people to physically get out of the house and to get into a new environment.  But it’s not just a different set of four walls.  Adult Day Health Care centers are places that are filled with people of similar age and experience and a place where they can go to learn about one another and enjoy each other’s company.  Moreso, they do so in an environment that is protected and created just for them.

“My Family Doesn’t Have to Be Involved”

Mr. Robert Boatman says that it’s a great place to go where his family doesn’t have to constantly be involved.  We’ve talked about the importance of respite care before, but what Mr. Boatman says is particularly important.  It’s not only about having something to do for him, it’s also about the peace of mind for his family.

By going to an Adult Day Health Care center, veterans have a place to go where their family doesn’t have to constantly check their phone and worry.  They don’t have to worry that their loved one is getting fed or getting their medicine.  They can have the freedom of mind to know that their loved one is being cared for in healthy environment and they can go about the tasks that they need to for their own lives.

“It’s part of what create’s meaning in their life.”

Kathy Martin, a social worker with the Minneapolis VA Health Care System makes the statement that attending an Adult Day Health Care center can help bring meaning to the life of the veterans.

We’ve talked about the need for our veterans to have social interaction in the past and how this can change their lives.  In our previous article we talk about the the fact that as our lives change, the people and things in them do as well.  As change happens, the people and things that once gave our life meaning may change as well.  When a client joins Baker Wellness or a similar Adult Day Health Care center (or even an Adult Day Care), they become part of that community.  Those people sometime become an extended family and they look out for them and care for them as well.  The activities and exercises they do give frame and structure to their day which can help fill the void that is often left in times of retirement of change in life.

The people and programs of an Adult Day Health Care center like Baker Wellness can give people a great, new framework for their life.  It’s also in a safe environment that cares for the physical and emotional needs.  When you also consider that it is a covered benefit as part of being a VA patient, it’s hard to think of a reason to do it.

Or, as Mr. Hageman says: “If you can get in, do it!”

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