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Three Ways Adult Day Health Care Gives Special Attention to Special Needs

For all of our stories, we have changed the names and details to protect the identity of our clients. While the persons may not be exactly the same, we maintain enough of the details to ensure the same general idea.

“Thank you so much for everything you did.”

Even though people say this phrase a lot, we know that Jenny’s mom really meant it.

She was telling us good bye on the last day that Jenny was with us at Baker Wellness.  Jenny’s dad had taken a new job out of state and while it was a great opportunity for them it meant that they would have to leave the Baton Rouge area.

It was a very sad day for us at Baker Wellness as well.  We had the privilege of caring for her for several years.  Due to a medical condition, Jenny had significant learning and physical challenges.  She rarely spoke when we first met and was very shy.

Over the years she grew comfortable with us. Our other clients grew to truly care for her and enjoy her.  Thus when it was time for her to go it was a very sad and tearful goodbye.

People often think of Adult Day Health Care and Adult Day Care as a place only for older people to go.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Part of our mission and one that we are particularly proud of at Baker Wellness is our service to those with special needs.

We believe that Adult Day Health Care and we at Baker Wellness are specially suited for caring for special needs persons in three different ways

1.The staff

All Adult Day Health Care centers are required to be staffed with nurses as well as direct care workers.  Furthermore, they are all required to have a social worker or social worker designee who will help with social issues related to the patient’s diagnoses and conditions.  These staff members have an extensive amount of training and experience in caring for people with special needs.

At Baker Wellness Center, we go even further.

Our nurses on staff have extensive experience and training not only in caring for patients, but particularly those with significant needs.  Our nursing staff has decades of experience in psychiatric nursing and because of this are particularly well suited to these unique challenges.

Also, our staff includes not just one but two physicians who are available for medical consultation and assistance in management.   They work with our staff as well as a client’s current medical team to help care for our client’s unique needs.

2.  Health Care Expertise.

Another way our expert staff takes care of any special need is to help take care of the medical problems that they may have.

This is a critical difference between Adult Day Cares and Adult Day Health Care centers.  Adult Day Health Care centers like Baker Wellness are equipped and staffed to care for client’s physical needs.  We are able to dispense medicines as well as follow vital signs.  Our staff of doctors and nurses ensure that every dose is given every time as prescribed by their doctor.

We also understand that health care is not just medicines.  We have a dietician on staff who helps design the diets for each of our patients based on  their unique set of medical conditions.  This gives our amazing cook, Mrs. Gladys the guidelines that she uses to craft meals that taste like some of the finest home-cooked Southern meals.

We also don’t stop at preparing the meals.  If your loved one has difficulty with eating we have aides and service workers who help feed our patients who have difficulty eating on their own

3.  The Community

One thing that is often forgotten is that the other clients of an Adult Day Health Care center are their own people too.  We never fail to be amazed but the stories and the experiences of our fellow clients.  We are also particularly blessed to have an amazing group of clients who truly care for one another.  They notice when one is having a hard time.  They listen to each other’s problems.  They even alert our staff when they believe that someone is having a hard time, and if someone has been absent, they always ask where they’ve been.

We all know how challenging it can be to find a place and a group of people that will accept someone for who they are.  We pride ourselves in having a community of clients who look out for one another and truly care for each other.

As we said goodbye to Jenny and her family, we couldn’t help but be sad to see them go.  Despite this sadness, though, we were very proud to have had the privilege to have been part of their life.  By the time Jenny left us, she was a happy, smiling, and outgoing young woman, one that was amazingly different from the shy version of herself a few short years ago.

We wish Jenny and her family the best of luck!

Do you have a loved one with special needs?  Let us know how we can help!

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