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Three Reasons Social Interaction Helps Veterans Thrive

Have you ever thought about how connected we all are?  Seriously think about it.

You are probably reading this article because you saw a link on Facebook.  We created an entirely new digital network to stay in touch with one another.

Think about why you got on.  It was most likely to see other people in your life, especially those far away.  Maybe they are grandchildren, schoolmates, or friends from towns you once lived.

Think about the things that bond you to them.

For family, it’s easy:  You share the same blood, the same experiences, the same things in common.  You even probably look alike too!

For people who aren’t family, it’s a little different.

Sometime’s its the shared experience of a school or job.  Doing the same thing together, often times under times of stress, binds people together.

For some it’s travel.  Many of us stay in touch with those we’ve met in far off lands, sometimes just by coincidence of being in the same place at the same time.

Now, think about our veterans.

Can you imagine how strong the bond they have to their fellow servicemen?  These are folks who put their life on the line to often times travel across the world in service of our country.

These people sometimes endured the trauma of combat together, slept in desert sands or soggy rainforests together.  The ear and misery of the experience binding them together.

And yet, as time goes on, those that they were so close to, those that were a band of brothers to them begin to pass away.

Those vets who are blessed with long life are often the most lonely as they are now in a world that they helped build, but one that is increasingly lonely and foreign to them.

How can we help them?

  1. Give them a community.

When we start to take care of a veteran, we work to integrate them into the community of clients.   Since we see them every weekday for months and sometimes years, we get to know the ins and outs of their person.  We know that your loved one would probably best get along with Mr. Al who was a veteran of the Korean war, or possibly with Mr. James who spent years working at the same plant as your dad.

This new community wont be able to completely replace the ones that they had in the past, but it can make their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

2. Celebrate who they are.

Just like the rest of the country we celebrate those days where we are grateful for the sacrifices of our veterans.  Whether it is July Fourth, Memorial Day, or Veterans days itself, we take time to remember those who have served.  We find that this little extra bit of recognition can make all the difference and will definitely make their day!

This is not just something “nice” to do.  This is yet another way of processing the emotions and the unseen wounds of times long past.  Many veterans suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can make ti difficult to adapt to the stressful situations.  At Baker Wellness we have staff with training and experience to serve our veterans during these vulnerable moments.

3. Have fun!

One of the easiest way s to get your loved ones more involved is to have a little fun.  We are always amazed at how a simple game of bingo can create a friendship that lasts through the months and years.

Our activities director helps select activities and trips that are well tailored to the group and individuals.   Whether it is a game of bingo or a trip to the zoo, there’s always opportunity for a few laughs and smiles.

Adult Day Health Care Centers were created to help keep our loved ones engaged through the years.  Let us know how we can help your loved one join our community!

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