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The Empty Chair


Our clients at Baker Wellness Center are special to us and we look forward to them coming to the center every day.

They are like family to us and to each other.

We know each of their behaviors, personalities, likes, and dislikes. We look forward to the smiles on each of their faces, the laughs when they hear a joke, how they get excited when they win a game of BINGO, and how they tell a story.

However, whenever they do not show up at the center for even one day, we miss them.

The client could be absent for any reason and we are concerned. Moreover, when a client is sick or in the hospital, we worry about that client especially if that he or she has been sick for a while. See, these wonderful people are not just clients who we take care of every day. They are people who bring enjoyment to our daily lives. When one of them is not at the center there is a big void at the center comparable to an empty chair at the family kitchen table.

By Darla Gore, MHA

Program Director, Baker Wellness Center

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