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Summer Safety Week

Mrs. Darla is continuing our safety education series this week with a focus on Tips for Summer Safety.

This week’s teaching at Baker Wellness Center continued to focus on safety. Not only do the clients receive education, but the employees receive it every two weeks. Since June is safety month, the employees were given education classes on safety.

The clients were taught about food safety. I did a true or false type of discussion on food myths. I asked questions such as “can you always smell spoiled food?” and “should you wash a melon before cutting and why or why not?”

The clients were also taught about fire safety, including escape plans, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and how to put out a grease fire (flour). They were also taught about cigarette safety: do not smoke in bed, do not smoke in the house, make sure your cigarette is put out completely.

Another topic the clients were taught is seat belt safety. We discussed how important it is to wear seat belts, even if a person is riding in the back seat. I also taught them the proper way to wear the seat belt.

This is a summary of education this week at Baker Wellness Center. It is our goal at Baker Wellness Center, that this education will help our clients take with them, as many of these ideals as possible. To make them safe and healthy at home.

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