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Southern, Homestyle Cooking Served Daily

By Darla Gore, Program Director

Today the clients at Baker Wellness Center had an awesome lunch. It was a lunch like every day because we have two ladies, Gladys and Theresa, who cook the food with love and pride. They cook the food as if they were cooking it for their own family and it is homemade!

Today the clients had a wonderful lunch that included homemade meatloaf with gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn, crescent rolls, and crispy oatmeal cookies. On Friday the cooks treated everyone with succulent fried chicken, dirty rice, green peas, homemade melt-in-your mouth biscuits, and peach cobbler. One the favorite meals of the clients here is catfish and potato salad with the trimmings. Another great meal is the pot roast with real mashed potatoes. I am not sure how it’s cooked but the meat is so tender it just falls onto the fork. They also love the red beans and rice with corn bread. Especially the men! Oh! Let me tell you about the biscuits. Ours are better than any chicken restaurants that advertise that theirs are the best.

Okay, I cannot write this without mentioning the desserts. The desserts here are so wonderful. Homemade cookies, pies, and cakes. Even the fruit cocktail is good.

Baker Wellness Center has a Registered Dietician on staff …Stephanie Loup. She plans monthly menus. She also evaluates the clients and makes recommendations if needed. She also teaches them on a monthly basis about nutrition.

The cooks then ensure any special diets are carried out to the clients. For instance, if a client is diabetic or if he or she is allergic to certain foods. Some clients do not like certain foods, so we keep a list of those items.

I close by saying that we are happy our clients enjoy the food at Baker Wellness Center and we are proud of the employees that make that happen.

Is food a big part of your life?  Tell us about it below!

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