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Rainy Weather Doesn’t Have to Be Gloomy

Rainy Weather Doesn’t Have to be Gloomy
By: Darla Gore MHA

It is a rainy day here at Baker Wellness Center and many of our clients did not come today. However, I must say that the Direct Service Workers (DSW’s) that we have here are awesome. They do a great job entertaining the clients even when there are only a few here. As I write this, a DSW is playing the piano and leading a sing-a-long with all of the clients and other DSW’s. The clients are really having fun and the singing sure breaks up the gloominess of the weather.

Let me tell you about the DSW’s at Baker Wellness Center. They are with the clients’ all day long. They take care of the clients like their family members. They help with their meals, bathroom breaks, crafts, and activities. They are also their friends. Sometimes the DSW is in the room and they talk to the clients about what is going on in clients’ lives. On pretty days, the DSW’s take the clients outside for walks, to do crafts, and play games. They are also very helpful to our activity director, who is also amazing.

Our Activity Director is definitely wonderful. She puts a lot of herself into Baker Wellness Center. She is creative, generous, and helpful. She plans different things for the clients to do for fun. Some of the ladies just finished painting piggy banks (actually they were shaped as cupcakes). At the end of each month she has an auction in which clients can win prizes. She even helps the DSW’s when needed.

So yes, it is a rainy day here at Baker Wellness Center…but right now all I hear are loyal employees making our clients happy.

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