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Our Beautiful Clients

I planned on summarizing the teaching I did this week; however, I am going to write about something else. These clients amaze me. Each one of them has something special about them. One lady rides her wheelchair pass my office and waves at me with this great big grin and a giggle. There is another lady who walks into the facility and makes sure she says “good morning” to everyone. When I come into room where the male clients are to start teaching they are so polite. And they are so inquisitive. There is one gentleman in the classroom that agrees with everything that I say. He’s one smart fellow.

Now let me tell you about the clients when the television is on. The male clients love the good ole cowboy shows. The ladies love In the Heat of the Night….especially Bubba. Nobody better change the television when Bubba is on the screen or there may hollering going on. When 12:30 comes along, all of the ladies insist on watching The Bold and the Beautiful. They love the drama of the show and sometimes they just laugh at it.

The clients here at Baker Wellness Center are wonderful to watch. They have developed friendships with each other. They help each other. They are connected socially which is so important which is important at any age and whether a person is disabled.

If one of our clients does not show up to the center for some reason, we miss him or her. The clients here at Baker Wellness Center are so easy to care about…to love. They are beautiful to us.

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