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Never Too Late to Learn Something

As June draws near with the birds singing and the flowers blooming, June also is National Safety Month.

Educating our clients is a very significant mission of Baker Wellness Center. The nurses teach the clients different health and safety topics daily such as hand washing, diabetes, immunizations, dental health tips, etc. We also teach about heat and sun safety and how to protect themselves by applying sun block, wearing hats and drinking plenty of cool water. We often match the education topic with the national topics (which change each month) and we also adjust the topic depending on current happenings such as weather and seasonal illnesses. The nurses not only teach on a daily basis, but our Registered Dietitian teaches the clients about nutrition on a monthly basis.

This month there will be a lot more focus on safety because June is National Safety Month. We will be focusing on medication safety, fall precautions, fire prevention, weather safety, and other safety topics.

Educating our clients is very important to us.

We want them to learn as much as they can so they can be as healthy and safe as much as possible.

Even if the client learns something and takes some knowledge home with him or her, then we know we have made some kind of difference.

It is never too late to learn something.

How can we help you and your loved ones be safer?

Let us know below!

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