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My Mom’s Story

My mother passed away over 14 years ago. She was a wonderful woman full of love and laughter. She never met a stranger and she would give anyone her last dime. She died at the young age of 70.

I believe that is much too young.

She had too many things left to give and too many things left to enjoy. If she was alive today, she would be 85 years old this August. I believe she would have loved an adult day care like Baker Wellness Center. She liked being social by talking to others and just being with other people her own age (actually any age). She liked doing puzzles and playing games.

Another reason I believe Baker Wellness Center would have been wonderful for her is that she would not have to sit in her house doing nothing…waiting for days to go by…bored and lonely.

Yes, I think Baker Wellness Center would have been a great choice for my mother.

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