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One Amazing Way the Library is Helping Our Aging Loved Ones

By Darla Gore, MHA

We recently had the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Book Mobile come to visit the clients at Baker Wellness Center. The clients really enjoyed themselves. The librarians gave out library cards and some of the clients checked out books, CD’s, and DVD’s. The DVD’s will be used at the center for movie day.

The clients at the center do not have the opportunity to go the library and they cannot always afford to buy books so it is wonderful that the local library can come to them.

Reading is still important to many people even when they are older. Our clients were checking out books by Joyce Meyer, mystery books, etc. Clients who cannot read can enjoy picture books. Clients can also enjoy books on CD. These are wonderful for people who cannot read or are blind. As with any library, if the client will check out the material for a certain amount of time. If he or she wants it longer, the library will just extend the check out.

These activities and visits like these may contribute to healthy mental aging.

The librarians who visited were wonderful. They were patient and kind to our clients. The librarians also donated some DVD’s, books, and CD’s to Baker Wellness Center. Their visit is a new activity at Baker Wellness Center but we look forward to their visits the fourth Wednesday of each month. We are very happy that our clients have another activity that will make their lives more enjoyable.

Does your loved one like to read?  Do they enjoy activities?  Let us know below or reach out to us to see how we can help!

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