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How Adult Day Care and Health Care Centers Let You Be the Best for Your Loved One

For all of our stories, we have changed the names and details to protect the identity of our clients. While the persons may not be exactly the same, we maintain enough of the details to ensure the same general idea.

“You need to take some time for yourself.”

We often tell that to prospective clients.  To the people we say it to, it may sound selfish.  Your father was there for you.  He went overseas, fought in a war, came back and worked two jobs to support, first your mom and your siblings while they were growing up, and later each of your as you went to school.

You grew up, started your career, had a family, and then as you brought your kids to see “pawpaw” you started to notice things.

They were subtle at first, full medicine bottles that should have been empty, then messages on your phone that he missed appointments or that he hadn’t been seen in a few days.

Then the long talk with siblings to try to figure out how you were going to keep “the promise” and you decide that you have to honor it:

There was no way you were sending dad to a nursing home.

So the arrangements are made for him to move in, and it’s great at first.  The kids get to see their grandfather, you get to spend more time with him.

But you also begin to realize how much work it is.

The little things don’t seem like a lot, but him being alone in the house by himself isn’t always safe.  Perhaps it was  stove that was on, or perhaps he started to wander.

You start to spend more and more time caring for him that its starting to put a strain on your marriage.  You’re more irritable and you’re more jumpy.  You snap at the kids a little more, and you’re constantly tired.

As things pile up they wear you down and you’re less and less the person that you once were.

That’s why we say that you have to take time for yourself.  You have to be able to relieve stress so that you can focus on yourself and get your self in a place where you can care for everyone else.

That’s one of the reasons that Adult Day Health Car exists.

During the week we provide the supervision that you needs, meals that your dad will love, and the medicines that he needs.

It may seem small, but even this little bit of help can have a huge pay off for your peace of mind

As we’ve talked about before, this isn’t just about making sure he gets fed and meds.

When he comes to Baker Wellness, he joins other vets who have bravely served our country.

Even better news is that dad’s service to our country has a great benefit:  the VA (Veterans Administration) can often cover much of the costs.

You can take heart knowing that your father is cared for in a place that is specially tailored to him and his needs.

Reach out to us and let us know how we and Adult Day Health Care and Adult Day Care can give you a little time for yourself.

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