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Four Great Points from the VA’s Adult Day Health Care video

At Baker Wellness, we often get asked if the Veterans Administration supports Adult Day Health Care.

The answer is an overwhelming yes!

They even put together a video to explain their support.

Adult Day Health Care (sometimes called Adult Day Care) provides several unique advantages to veterans that we’ve highlighted in the past

In the video they discuss a four interesting aspects of Adult Day Health Care. The specific one they interviewed was in the Minneapolis area, however there are many aspects of their program that we have available at Baker Wellness Center.

Adult Day Health Care Gives Veterans Unique Activities:

The providers in the video talk about the activities that they do at their center. They talk about how they do exercises as a group that help engage their bodies and their minds. They also take trips and have outings with the other clients.

At Baker Wellness we have many similar events. Our Activity Coordinator plans group activities for the patients as well as group outings to the store or picnics (when our Louisiana weather permits!). We have also had demonstrations with local police and fire departments to emphasize safety.

Our clients really enjoy activities at the center as well! The East Baton Rouge Parish Library has been kind enough to come by on the fourth Wednesday of each month to bring our clients books and to share the joy of reading with them.

We also like to have a little fun too! Our clients love bingo and crafts and they play these near daily. Around holidays and special times of year they also celebrate with parties and even a Mardi Gras parade!

Mini-Respite Care:

As we talked about here, you can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself. What Adult Day Health Care and Adult Day Care can provide is what Dr. Gary Goldish calls a “mini-respite.” Dr. Goldish is the Medical Director of Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service Line in the Minneapolis VA Health Care System and has extensive experience in this area. What he describes is something all too common. Over time the constant stress will eventually run through a caregiver’s patience and reserve to the point where they get so desperate and helpless that they default to the choice that neither they or their loved one wants: Placing the patient in a nursing home.

What respite care from an Adult Day Health Care center can provide is the ability for a caregiver to get a moments rest and time to themselves. This fact can help them regain the frame of mine that they need to be the best person they can be for their loved one.

Unique Veteran Social Interaction:

Some of the providers also talk about the critical need for interaction and how that interaction can truly make a huge difference in a veterans life.

They talk about how the different service lines will reach out to one another and band together. There’s a comfort knowing that someone just like you is there and that the shared experience can be the foundation for a strong and growing friendship to come.

Who is Eligible?

As we’ve talked about before the criteria for admission into an Adult Day Health Care center is simple:

Any veteran who is enrolled and is getting primary care at the VA can attend an adult day care program.

What’s even more important is that these centers are even more than an Adult Day Care. Adult Day Health Centers like Baker Wellness Center specialize in taking care of patients with physical injuries, traumatic Brian injuries, and diseases such as Alzheimer disease

Do the video answer questions you had about Adult Day Health Care centers? Did it raise a few more? Feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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