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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an Adult Day Health Center?

An Adult Day Health Center is for families who have loved ones with special needs.  For some it's struggles with Alzheimer's.  For other it's physical or intellectual disabilities.  Adult Day Care Centers provide the safe environment they need to thrive.

Adult Day Health Centers are different from Adult Day Cares or Adult Day Care Centers.  Adult Day Health Centers like Baker Wellness Center offer a higher level of medical care and supervision.  This fact makes a huge different for patients with multiple medical issues and medications.

What does it provide?

Adult Day Health Centers like Baker Wellness Center provide supervision, individualized daily exercise goal and recreation therapy.  We help our clients with maintaining skills to help care for themselves, such as eating and grooming.

We believe that our greatest benefit is that we provide a safe and supervised environment for our clients to get to know one another.  Over time our patients get to know about each other and look after one another.  We help foster a sense of community that allows our clients to thrive.

What if my loved one takes medicine?

We know the huge stress of making sure a loved one takes their medication.  With so many medications that have to be given at just the right time, it can be overwhelming.  Ensuring medication compliance is a unique benefit of an Adult Day Health Center.

We have a dedicated staff of nurses and aides who are trained to administer medication plans as prescribed our a client's physician.  If you have any questions about medication administration, please do not hesitate to ask.

Will I have to prepare their breakfast or lunch?

Of course not!  We provide a delicious breakfast and lunch created by our staff dietician and cooked fresh each day by our amazing cook, Mrs. Gladys.  Click here to learn more about our Southern, home-style meal service.

Does insurance cover it? If not, how much will it cost?

It depends.  Medicaid covers our services under the "Adult Day Health Care" Waiver.  Veteran's Affairs also has similar coverage.  Other private insurances may cover Adult Day Care as well.  Send us a message below and we can help determine what resources are available.

We also offer our services on a per day basis at a rate of $70 without transportation and $75 with transportation.


How do I get started?

Give us a call at 225-778-1567 and one of our team members can start the process!

You can also reach out to us here!

We are also happy to meet with you in person to discuss our program and to get to know our team.  Just give a call and let us know when you're available!