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Our Veteran Mission

What Do Veterans Say About Adult Day Health Care

We’ve written before about what a great video the Veterans Administration put together talking about Adult Day Health Care services.  You can watch it here.  One great part of the video is toward to end, you can view it here.  Here we hear what veterans have to say about their experience in an Adult Day…

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Four Great Points from the VA’s Adult Day Health Care video

At Baker Wellness, we often get asked if the Veterans Administration supports Adult Day Health Care. The answer is an overwhelming yes! They even put together a video to explain their support. Adult Day Health Care (sometimes called Adult Day Care) provides several unique advantages to veterans that we’ve highlighted in the past In the…

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Three Reasons Social Interaction Helps Veterans Thrive

Have you ever thought about how connected we all are?  Seriously think about it. You are probably reading this article because you saw a link on Facebook.  We created an entirely new digital network to stay in touch with one another. Think about why you got on.  It was most likely to see other people…

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Do My VA Benefits Cover Adult Day Health Care?

“My family member is a veteran and goes to the VA for their medical care.   Do his/her VA benefits cover Adult Day Health Care?” The short answer is, “It Depends.”  According to the VA on their website ( (under the tab “Am I eligible?”) it states the following: “Since Adult Day Health Care is part of…

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3 Ways Veterans Can Thrive in Adult Day Health Centers

For all of our stories, we have changed the names and details to protect the identity of our clients. While the persons may not be exactly the same, we maintain enough of the details to ensure the same general idea. Mr. D liked to say he traveled the world for work. That was his joking…

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Caring for our Veterans

As we wind down our shortened summer week, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the meaning of July Fourth to us here at Baker Wellness Through the years, we’ve cared for al ot of fascinating people. Folks from all walks of life find their way to Baker Wellness. Plant workers, home makers,…

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