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Mrs. Darla’s Desk

These posts are writings and thoughts from our program director, Darla Gore, MHA. Here you’ll find her personal reflections on our mission at Baker Wellness, not only from the perspective of a medical professional but also as a daughter, wife, mother, and caregiver.

The Empty Chair

  Our clients at Baker Wellness Center are special to us and we look forward to them coming to the center every day. They are like family to us and to each other. We know each of their behaviors, personalities, likes, and dislikes. We look forward to the smiles on each of their faces, the…

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One Amazing Way the Library is Helping Our Aging Loved Ones

By Darla Gore, MHA We recently had the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Book Mobile come to visit the clients at Baker Wellness Center. The clients really enjoyed themselves. The librarians gave out library cards and some of the clients checked out books, CD’s, and DVD’s. The DVD’s will be used at the center for…

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Southern, Homestyle Cooking Served Daily

By Darla Gore, Program Director Today the clients at Baker Wellness Center had an awesome lunch. It was a lunch like every day because we have two ladies, Gladys and Theresa, who cook the food with love and pride. They cook the food as if they were cooking it for their own family and it…

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Elder Abuse: A Devastating Condition

This week as education focused on safety, one of the topics was elder abuse. Even though our clients are not all elderly, this type of abuse can also happen to the disabled person. The purpose of educating the clients about the devastating condition of elder abuse is in order for them to recognize it either…

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Summer Safety Week

Mrs. Darla is continuing our safety education series this week with a focus on Tips for Summer Safety. This week’s teaching at Baker Wellness Center continued to focus on safety. Not only do the clients receive education, but the employees receive it every two weeks. Since June is safety month, the employees were given education…

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Rainy Weather Doesn’t Have to Be Gloomy

Rainy Weather Doesn’t Have to be Gloomy By: Darla Gore MHA It is a rainy day here at Baker Wellness Center and many of our clients did not come today. However, I must say that the Direct Service Workers (DSW’s) that we have here are awesome. They do a great job entertaining the clients even…

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Our Beautiful Clients

I planned on summarizing the teaching I did this week; however, I am going to write about something else. These clients amaze me. Each one of them has something special about them. One lady rides her wheelchair pass my office and waves at me with this great big grin and a giggle. There is another…

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My Mom’s Story

My mother passed away over 14 years ago. She was a wonderful woman full of love and laughter. She never met a stranger and she would give anyone her last dime. She died at the young age of 70. I believe that is much too young. She had too many things left to give and…

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Never Too Late to Learn Something

As June draws near with the birds singing and the flowers blooming, June also is National Safety Month. Educating our clients is a very significant mission of Baker Wellness Center. The nurses teach the clients different health and safety topics daily such as hand washing, diabetes, immunizations, dental health tips, etc. We also teach about…

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