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The “B-Well Blog” is where we share health, wellness, and life tips for our elderly and special needs readers.

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3 Ways Veterans Can Thrive in Adult Day Health Centers

For all of our stories, we have changed the names and details to protect the identity of our clients. While the persons may not be exactly the same, we maintain enough of the details to ensure the same general idea. Mr. D liked to say he traveled the world for work. That was his joking…

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Caring for our Veterans

As we wind down our shortened summer week, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the meaning of July Fourth to us here at Baker Wellness Through the years, we’ve cared for al ot of fascinating people. Folks from all walks of life find their way to Baker Wellness. Plant workers, home makers,…

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Elder Abuse: A Devastating Condition

This week as education focused on safety, one of the topics was elder abuse. Even though our clients are not all elderly, this type of abuse can also happen to the disabled person. The purpose of educating the clients about the devastating condition of elder abuse is in order for them to recognize it either…

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How Do I Pay for Adult Day Health Care?

Mom has been getting older. She has alot of needs and medical issues. Ever since dad passed away, she has been more withdrawn and it seems like every day another one of her friends has passed away. In addition to that you worry that she’s not taking her medicines, or that she hasn’t taken all…

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Summer Safety Week

Mrs. Darla is continuing our safety education series this week with a focus on Tips for Summer Safety. This week’s teaching at Baker Wellness Center continued to focus on safety. Not only do the clients receive education, but the employees receive it every two weeks. Since June is safety month, the employees were given education…

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Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15th is designated by the UN as Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) estimates that 1 in 10 adults 60+ have been victims of elder abuse, but only 1 in 14 of those abuses are reported. This abuse can take many forms.  We always think of the neglected old man…

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Staying Safe in the Storm

  Summertime in South Louisiana is special. Neighborhoods crackle with the laughter and play of children home from school.  The days are longer and nights shorter.  If you’re lucky and there’s a breeze, you can sit on the porch and enjoy a (mostly) mosquito free sunset. Oh, and those summer storms. You could almost set…

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Standing Up For Falls

It’s the middle of the night. You’re sound asleep and you hear a CRASH in the other room, followed quickly by a cry for “Help!” It’s the second time this month mom has fallen. Last time you had to bring her to the hospital.  She was lucky that time, just a bump and a bruise. …

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