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The “B-Well Blog” is where we share health, wellness, and life tips for our elderly and special needs readers.

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The Empty Chair

  Our clients at Baker Wellness Center are special to us and we look forward to them coming to the center every day. They are like family to us and to each other. We know each of their behaviors, personalities, likes, and dislikes. We look forward to the smiles on each of their faces, the…

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What Do Veterans Say About Adult Day Health Care

We’ve written before about what a great video the Veterans Administration put together talking about Adult Day Health Care services.  You can watch it here.  One great part of the video is toward to end, you can view it here.  Here we hear what veterans have to say about their experience in an Adult Day…

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Four Great Points from the VA’s Adult Day Health Care video

At Baker Wellness, we often get asked if the Veterans Administration supports Adult Day Health Care. The answer is an overwhelming yes! They even put together a video to explain their support. Adult Day Health Care (sometimes called Adult Day Care) provides several unique advantages to veterans that we’ve highlighted in the past In the…

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Another Way Adult Day Health Care Centers Keep Loved Ones Health

  Albuterol Acebutolol Metoprolol Would you know that those three words are three very different medications?  In fact one is an inhaler (Albuterol) and the other two aren’t.  Each one has their own uses as well, and sometimes (like metoprolol) they have different uses in the same person. Confused yet?  Well… What’s more is that…

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Three Reasons Social Interaction Helps Veterans Thrive

Have you ever thought about how connected we all are?  Seriously think about it. You are probably reading this article because you saw a link on Facebook.  We created an entirely new digital network to stay in touch with one another. Think about why you got on.  It was most likely to see other people…

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One Amazing Way the Library is Helping Our Aging Loved Ones

By Darla Gore, MHA We recently had the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Book Mobile come to visit the clients at Baker Wellness Center. The clients really enjoyed themselves. The librarians gave out library cards and some of the clients checked out books, CD’s, and DVD’s. The DVD’s will be used at the center for…

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Do My VA Benefits Cover Adult Day Health Care?

“My family member is a veteran and goes to the VA for their medical care.   Do his/her VA benefits cover Adult Day Health Care?” The short answer is, “It Depends.”  According to the VA on their website ( (under the tab “Am I eligible?”) it states the following: “Since Adult Day Health Care is part of…

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Southern, Homestyle Cooking Served Daily

By Darla Gore, Program Director Today the clients at Baker Wellness Center had an awesome lunch. It was a lunch like every day because we have two ladies, Gladys and Theresa, who cook the food with love and pride. They cook the food as if they were cooking it for their own family and it…

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