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Another Way Adult Day Health Care Centers Keep Loved Ones Health





Would you know that those three words are three very different medications?  In fact one is an inhaler (Albuterol) and the other two aren’t.  Each one has their own uses as well, and sometimes (like metoprolol) they have different uses in the same person.

Confused yet?  Well…

What’s more is that they can all have different names for the same medication.  For example, metoprolol is also called “toprol” and there is a long acting formulation that is called “Toprol XL.”

With the different brand names, different dosing times, and complicated to pronounced (much less spell!) names, how can someone possibly expect to get them all right?

We understand how hard it is.

When we talk to families, one of the greatest concerns they have is what happens to the medicines that their loved ones need.

As a health care center, Adult Day Health Care centers like Baker Wellness are well equipped for just this job.

We have nurses on staff who are very experienced in medication delivery and medication regimens.

Also, Baker Wellness Center is unique in that we are one of the only Adult Day Health Care Centers to have not one but two physicians on staff.

Therefore you can rest assured that you family member is getting the medications they need when they need it.

How does it work?

When we sign on any patient, we make sure that we get a list of medications and when they are dosed.

After this, we will need to make sure that we get these medications in the labelled bottles that from you or a family member.

Once we confirm the medication regimen and medications, we keep a record of it as part of our treatment plan and then store the medications safely.

When it’s time to get medications we make sure that they are given at the right dose, and at the right time, every time.

Do you have questions about how we care for your loved one’s medications?  Send us a message!

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